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2017-02-16 15:42:13 by officalrubix

ive been doing nothing but homework and sleeping for months now school has been real busy

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for my absense-and id really like to thank everyone for sticking around and helping me. I am currently somewhat better,,! 

Now, I'd like to finally start an upload schedule for myself. As in, I'll finally go back to regular posting, after almost a year of hiatuses and emotional strain. I'll try to upload little doodles and paintings every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I missed being on here-and I'm glad to be back.


Apology after apology

2016-09-19 05:28:14 by officalrubix




I'd like to explain myself

Why have I been gone so long?

I've been dealing with plenty of emotional strain, especially recently. It affects me to the point where I can barely focous or keep myself productive. I'm so sorry for not explaining or coming back sooner-I just really haven't been feeling up to doing anything for the past few months. 

My (not so) awaited return!

2016-06-16 18:09:57 by officalrubix

Hello yes your friendly neighborhood weirdo is back and ready to post art 

But yeah, summer's finally here! :0 And I'm back, my mood has improved drastically

and I've done quite a bit of art (which I'll be posting soon)! 

My friend gave me his old drawing tablet, so digital art and animations are gonna be coming out soon, which is pretty great. I'm gonna start illustrating the comic I'm working on with my friends, and i just have a ton of stuff to share with you guys! And thank you for putting up with my constant hiatuses and whatnot, I really appreciate it!!


happy rubik cube noises

2016-03-21 16:21:50 by officalrubix

wowza man things have been going pretty well (minus school but y'know) 

The new Eddisodes were great, so expect a lot of Eddsworld art :Y 

and hahah wowie my birthday is coming up time is scary :'D gonna be 13! 

Happy Pi day!!!!

2016-03-14 21:17:49 by officalrubix


Hehe anyways I got chosen to decorate the hallway with a few friends for the spring fair at my school and I'm so excited hhhhhhh ;w; also have a smol Verde!!5190987_145800466011_image.jpg

By the way comic coming very soon ;;;;;;)


2016-01-18 09:14:10 by officalrubix




AAAAAAAAAH anyways as some of you know i've been on a hiatus since December due to a lack of modivation and testing for school. Testing is done, and i've managed to get most, but not all of my modivation back. While I was gone I messed around with some new supplies I got for Christmas and manged to make myself a bit better at art. 2016 was kinda stared on a bad foot for me, but it's getting better! I should go back to m regular uploading schedule very soon, not yet. I'll still be uploading but not as often. I got selected to represent my School (and I guess Newgrounds?) in an art competition. I've been styding like a madman to prepare myself for this, i'm really nervous. The competition consists of a 50-question quiz and a still life drawing portion, which I get 45 min. for both. After that's over, I for sure go back to my regular schedule (the competition is on Jan. 29th, so roughly around two weeks?? Bleh.) I can't wait to officially return to Newgrounds!! 


                                        -Officialrubix (Danny)

Last update

2016-01-15 21:44:13 by officalrubix

oh yeah iM cleaning out my old submissions, the ones I dont like or think kinda suck, that'll happen tomorrow. :0 then the POST-ACOLYSPE SHALL HAPPEN 



2016-01-14 07:31:55 by officalrubix

oKay I'm really sorry I've been on/off active here, school is insane. Quick update, my testing is almost over and I'm two weeks away from a big art competition. So after that, I'll be back full time for the most part.